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California is currently home to over 38 million people. We have a larger economy than the countries of Mexico, Taiwan, and New Zealand combined. Shockingly, we still have our challenges when it comes to providing proper coverage, for our residents, pertaining to basic items that we may take for granted such as auto insurance, health insurance and often times a decent hourly wage for many workers. Even with the ratification of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010, there has not been a dramatic change due to a variety of complicated reasons. While keeping the above mentioned items in mind, we’d like to provide a little insight to our multi-faceted industry while explaining how we may assist with some of your injured clientele.

Creative Legal Funding is a specialty finance company that has a two-fold mission. First and foremost, CLF helps to facilitate medical care on a lien basis for injured plaintiffs that do not possess adequate health insurance.

We work with many different specialty treatment providers up throughout California. As a secondary offering, CLF is a provider of a wide variety of financial options that include non-recourse pre-settlement cash advances for injured plaintiffs during their time of need. These advances are typically directed towards basic living expenses such as groceries, rent, car payments, and a variety of other needs. We specialize in clients with existing personal injury claims, employment law cases, medical malpractice cases, and others plaintiff cases involving a potential future financial resolution.

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